What advisors are saying…

“You have convinced me that as a CFP and Enrolled agent, I have greatly failed my clients in that I have not had this knowledge to share with those ages 62 and older. I feel it is imperative that I get to know this data well enough to start doing presentations at least to my existing clients, and eventually to the general public.”

“Having retired and started Social Security benefits at 62, I just wish this eye-opening subject had been even visible, let alone available to me back in 2005. Now I can make it a point to focus on sharing this with so many individuals who are today in the position I was back then, and make a substantial difference in the retirement years.”

“I am grateful and feel fortunate to have stumbled upon Social Security Timing. What a fabulous resource for expanding my knowledge base. I have been searching for something like this for two years. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.”

“Your education and resources are making a meaningful impact to my practice and folks in our community. Thanks again, and I look forward to continue learning more about Social Security so that I can share my knowledge and continue to positively impact my clients’ retirement income plan!”

“Ah Ha. The ability to increase our credibility by netting out the real Social Security potential advantage/disadvantage (lesser due to TVM) should enhance acceptability with prospects and clients.”

“We love the software. It has been MOST beneficial to our advisory business.”

“I want to thank you for your superb help, advice and counsel on the phone today! Your knowledge and expertise made me feel that Social Security Timing is the ONLY company I will need to partner with, for my Social Security software and training needs. Your patience in answering all of my questions, so articulately, was impressive. You are a PRO.

“A colleague told me about Social Security Timing. I started to sign up for the trial online, but stopped halfway through because I wanted to wait until I had a client's Social Security statement in hand to try the product. But I started getting your emails, got the invite, and signed up. I’m glad I did — this is great, and I think I’ll end up subscribing to your product.”