What is Social Security Timing?

Social Security Timing® is the patented software used by thousands of advisors to analyze their clients’ Social Security benefits and find the strategy that is right for each client’s individual circumstances.

The software program quickly compares hundreds of possible Social Security timing and election strategy combinations and finds the option that offers the highest lifetime benefit. Advisors who use the software help their clients with one of the biggest decisions about retirement — when to claim their Social Security benefits. While a poor election decision can cost people tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in benefits, advisors historically have, at best, glossed over the topic and, at worst, ignored it. Social Security Timing launched in 2011 to help financial advisors better serve their clients by approaching the Social Security decision as the basis of a strong retirement income plan. While some Social Security planning software targets consumers directly, Social Security Timing was built by advisors for the purpose of putting advisors at the center of the Social Security decision, acknowledging the value of advisors to the retirement income plan. As a pioneer in the Social Security planning field, Social Security Timing has been cited in The Wall Street Journal, U.S. News & World Report, CBS Moneywatch, Investment News, Morning Star, Reuters, and other media outlets.

More than half of baby boomers said they would look to another financial planner if theirs couldn’t help them with Social Security, according to a 2013 survey by Social Security Timing in partnership with Qualtrics.

Who uses Social Security Timing?

Thousands of conscientious financial advisors directly subscribe to Social Security Timing®, access us through large financial institutions and access our calculations through other financial planning software packages.

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Who uses Social Security Timing?

The Social Security Timing platform is designed to meet the needs of both individual advisors and large institutions.

In addition to the patented software and our support team, advisors have access to a customizable micro-site, mobile website, customizable client brochure and inclusion in our advisor database. For institutions, we offer co-branding and full private labeling; we provide archiving, compliance access, user roles, and disclosure management; and we can even customize data services to integrate with your firm’s unique needs.

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Social Security Timing is designed for both individual advisors and large institutions

What advisors are saying…

“We love the software. It has been MOST beneficial to our advisory business.”

“I am grateful and feel fortunate to have stumbled upon Social Security Timing. What a fabulous resource for expanding my knowledge base. I have been searching for something like this for two years. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.”

“Ah Ha. The ability to increase our credibility by netting out the real Social Security potential advantage/disadvantage (lesser due to TVM) should enhance acceptability with prospects and clients.”

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What’s new

Social Security taxable benefit calculator

Social Security taxable benefit calculator

Just enter a few numbers, including a client’s benefit amount and taxable income other than Social Security, and the calculator computes the amount of Social Security benefits subject to the federal income tax.

0.3% Social Security benefit increase starts in Jan. 2017

0.3% Social Security benefit increase starts in Jan. 2017

See how the latest Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) changed the upcoming year’s benefits.

The Arrow Group rallies in Reno

The Arrow Group rallies in Reno

Top advisors attending The Arrow Group meeting in Reno dove into Tax Clarity and got a sneak peek at Covisum’s new retirement income planning tool and newest version of Social Security Timing.

Is 'fiduciary' a mindset?

Is 'fiduciary' a mindset?

We explore how the Department of Labor fiduciary rule impacts how we think about retirement financial planning.

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